Not Your Average Dog Trainer

No Force

No Fear

Working with Both Ends
of the Leash

Canine Wellbeing and
Choice-Based Coaching
to Grow Your Special Bond

Listen With Your Eyes

Our dogs constantly communicate with us; we only need to learn to listen. With our force-free, fear-free and choice-based coaching, we’ll bring you and your dog closer than ever.


What I do

Freework Sessions

Low-impact activities that
promote mental and physical health and bonding.

Teenage Dog Programs

Help them develop the skills
and confidence for a healthy adulthood. 

Reactive Dog Programs

Help your nervous dog gain inner calm with a specially designed program.

Puppy Freework Programs

Get your puppy off to a great start by helping them feel confident and secure.

Senior Dog Programs

Low-impact programs to keep your older dog healthy and happy as they age.

Choose the Service to Suit Your Dog

Freework is beneficial for all dogs, and we offer specific programs for puppies,
teenage dogs, senior dogs and reactive dogs.

Bespoke Freework Sessions

Bespoke freework sessions to suit you and your dog.


Per 30 Min Session
Email to Book

Freework Programs

Programs for puppies, teenage dogs, senior dogs and reactive dogs. All programs are for 6 sessions and are in person 1 2 1 consultations with Jo. Videos and other informational resources will also be provided for you to train at home.


Per program
Email TO Book

Your Canine Communication Specialist

Joanne Burton

Dog and Human Relationship Facilitator

My goal is to educate dog owners in canine communication and learn what your dog is saying by using its body language and signals.

Watch me at Work

How-to Video Guide: Overcome Problem Scavenging
Watch Me at Work with Georgie
Watch Me at Work with Keetah
Watch Me at Work with Kitty
Watch Me at Work with Lexi
Watch Me at Work with Bear

Dogs (and their parents) love us!

Deb, Bobbi, Gigi & Honey.

“Jo, Thank you so much for your amazing help with my three fur babies.  Honey, 9 weeks old Labradoodle, Gigi, a 10-month-old Labradoodle, and Bobbi, an 11-year-old Moodle.” read more

Bear, Pia and Story.

“Jo has been a great help with our puppy Bear. We are now able to understand his body language and identify his needs. We have gained many tools to help guide him into positive behaviours and crate training has been smooth and easy.” read more

Kylie Johnson.

“If you are lacking confidence in walking your dog in public or allowing your dog to interact with other dogs.. don’t think it’s your dog.. please contact Paw & order Noosa and the gorgeous, loving Jo, and change you and your dog’s life for the better!” read more

Jaclyn Benstead.

“We have been working with Jo for the past six weeks via FaceTime. She has really helped us understand our 13-week-old Groodle. She has been incredibly professional and the tips and tricks she showed us have all been working.”
read more

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