Does Your Dog Really Have to Go Too?

There are dogs at markets, cafés and other busy places with tails low, ears pulled back and body language displaying that they are fearful. These dogs are trying to communicate with us and the message is that they are uncomfortable in this environment. They can not cope.

These dogs will often look like they are being naughty. Refusing to settle, jumping, barking at other dogs and pulling on the lead.

So what is the answer? Some think they need to put a head halter or halti on the dog, a choke collar, or god forbid a prong collar. They want their dog to come with them and they want the dog to be perfect. So you have a dog who is already uncomfortable in his surroundings, and now having to deal with tools that make him feel unsafe.

Why do we think it is OK to take a living, feeling, emotional, thinking creature and strap them up and expect it to perfectly behaved in scary environments?

If only we understood canine communication, we could see that the answer is simple. Leave them at home. We all love our dogs and want them to be with us but if your dog could tell you he was terrified would you still force him to come with you?

Maybe you need to take your dog with you for a valid reason. Perhaps leaving them at home is not an option. Contact me at and I can work with you and your dog to make them more comfortable in these situations.

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