Keeping Your Dog Cool in Summer

With the days warming up, it is important to think about keeping our pets cool and SAFE.

Although the message has been out there for such a long time some people still think it is OK to leave their dogs in a car.





The temperature in a car rises very quickly. It is a slow and torturous death for your dog. Even if your dog can be saved the amount of brain damage they can receive is catastrophic.

Don’t be tempted to just drop into the shops on your way home from an outing with your dog.

Another thing that must be avoided is tethering your dog outside the shop etc. Your dog will most likely become distressed at being left tied up without you around. Even if your dog is the most friendly dog on the planet this stress can cause them to react in an unfriendly manner to those who come in contact with him. Also in summer, the sun moves around quickly so that shady spot you left him in can quickly become a hot spot.

Exercise in summer should be kept to the cooler temperatures of the early morning or evening.

If your dog does become affected by heatstroke you should cool him down immediately. Run towels or cloths under cool (not cold) water and cool his undercarriage. Do not use ice or force water down a dog’s throat. A vet visit might be necessary to rehydrate your pup.

Summer is a particularly dangerous time for brachycephalic dogs, ie; those breeds with shorter noses, e.g.: Pugs, Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Mastiffs, Pekinese and Shih tzu just to name a few. These dogs have problems breathing at the best of times so strenuous activities should be avoided in summer.

Some ways to keep your dog cool and entertained in summer:

Ice blocks: simple ice cubes from the freezer scattered over tiles provide some cool fun for dogs.

Freeze some chicken stock (homemade only, store-bought contains too much salt)

Make a big ice block using an ice cream container, pop in some treats for extra entertainment

Watermelon and cucumber make a nice tasty ice block for dogs

Freeze their meal in a kong or a lick mat. If your dog only eats dry food, just soak the kibble, stuff the kong and freeze.

Throw some ice blocks in their drinking water.

Always keep a couple of water containers around in summer and make sure they are always out of the sun. Dogs do not like to drink warm water and may dehydrate. If your dog likes to paddle in their water bowl, elevate it enough that they can not get their paws into it but still put it in their head to drink.

A kid’s clam pool is a great idea for dogs in summer. Very affordable from Big W or Bunnings. Fill it up and throw in a few toys, my dog particularly likes the bag of balls from Big W. Invite some friends for a doggy pool party.

On very hot days dogs will appreciate a cool, wet towel to lie on. Cool mats are available from pet stores.

The beach, creek or river make much better options for play or exercise for your dog in summer.

If your dog must be at home alone for many hours then they must have access to a shady place at all times. Again having water in several places to avoid the water getting warm. A paddle pool will offer them some relief from the heat but be sure the pool is also in a position that does not get in the sun. A big umbrella might be an advantage. Please assess whether a pool is a drowning hazard for your particular dog.

If you have any questions or keep cool tips please feel free to contact me. You can email via this website.

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