My Dog Won’t Bite ME!

Here are a few handy hints on how to avoid you or your children being bitten by your dog, or any dog.

We all feel like we know our own dogs really well, and we do, but can you understand what they are telling you?

Dogs communicate through body language. If we watch our dogs very carefully we can see the signs that our dogs either enjoy being touched, or they just don’t. Here is a little experiment you can do at home:

Sit on the floor (do not call your dog or beckon to them) Does your dog come and sit with you? He does! That’s great. You can go ahead and touch him. How do you know he enjoys it? If he is still there he does like it.

How do you know if he does not like it? He will move away or turn his head. Kids tend to hug dogs, but if that dog is wriggling to get away, or looking at the child with wide open eyes he desperately wants to get away.

If we understand some body language and signals from our dogs we can appreciate how they are feeling. This ladder image shows how a distressed dog reacts from the early warning signs (bottom of ladder) to the last resort. If we are aware of these signs and react accordingly then everyone can be safe.

If you would like to know more about what your dog is telling you contact us today.

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