The Eyes Have It

Did you know that a dog’s appearance can affect how other dogs will socialise with them?

Dogs communicate with each other through body language, facial signals and behaviours. Through artificial selection, humans have changed the way dogs look to suit their needs.

At the moment the oodle dog is trending. These dogs have dense, usually curly or shaggy coats with a lot of hair around the eyes. Hair over the eyes is not exclusive to these breeds.

A dog’s eyes can communicate with other dogs or in fact to us many emotions. Fear, playfulness, and anxiety are all expressed by the eyes and other body language. A dog that is extremely fearful will show the whites of his eyes ‘whale eyes’, now if the eyes are not visible to others, then this usually very obvious sign will go unnoticed. Obviously, there are other signs a fearful dog will exhibit but unless all his communication attempts are visible it makes it more difficult to understand them. Another factor to take into account is whether a dog with hair over his eyes can see properly. If your dog has poor social skills and there does not seem to be any other reason, then perhaps consider the eyes.

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