Happy clients, happy dogs, happy me!

Deb, Bobbi, Gigi & Honey.

“Jo, Thank you so much for your amazing help with my three fur babies.  Honey, 9-week-old Labradoodle, Gigi, a 10-month-old Labradoodle, and Bobbi, an 11-year-old Moodle.

WALKING: You have helped me with Gigi, my 10-month-old Labradoodle, learn to walk beautifully, without pulling, and to greet other dogs she meets calmly.

BARKING: My three dogs would bark every time someone walked past or came to the door, which was quite frustrating, and no matter what I tried, it didn’t work.

Your simple strategies to help them learn not to bark, are just wonderful.

JUMPING ON VISITORS – Your simple strategy to stop Gigi from jumping to greet visitors has worked brilliantly.

I can’t tell you the difference it has made to all of our lives.  Thank you so very much from us all 🐶”

Bear, Pia and Story.

“Jo has been a great help with our puppy Bear. We are now able to understand his body language and identify his needs. We have gained many tools to help guide him into positive behaviours and crate training has been smooth and easy.

Jo’s assistance has helped us keep peace in our home through the beautiful and sometimes challenging puppy stage. Her guidance has also made it fun for my 10-year-old daughter to be a part of this process. We are very grateful for Jo’s support and wonderful knowledge in respectful and kind Dog care ❤️ “

Kylie Johnson.

“If you are lacking confidence in walking your dog in public or allowing your dog to interact with other dogs.. don’t think it’s your dog.. please contact Paw & order Noosa and the gorgeous, loving Jo, and change you and your dog’s life for the better!

Trust me, from the moment you fill out the questionnaire you will discover so much about you and your dog. You will realise that you as the owner have such a massive impact on their behaviour, and how some simple changes in your actions could change your dog’s life for the better! Jo listens to you and understands why you have the fears you do, but provides a safe space to confront them and let your dog be a dog and reach their full potential! Don’t hesitate, give Jo a call xx”

Jaclyn Benstead.

“We have been working with Jo for the past six weeks via FaceTime. She has really helped us understand our 13-week-old Groodle. She has been incredibly professional and the tips and tricks she showed us have all been working.

She has been incredibly professional and the tips and tricks she showed us have all been working. FaceTime has actually worked really well as we can set up the phone in front of our puppy’s area. Her enthusiasm and knowledge have been indispensable. Thanks, Jo!”

Maddie Fardell.

“If anyone needs a dog trainer, Jo is the lady for the job. We have had one appointment with her and we have already seen BIG changes with our somewhat reactive dog Lulu. She is becoming more and more confident every day. Thanks, Jo!”

Tahlia & Humphrey.

“Jo has been an absolute blessing for our family. She has gone above and beyond to help our youngest rescue, Humphrey. She is knowledgeable, understanding and empathetic to his situation and our current circumstances. I would strongly recommend Jo to anyone who is looking for a little extra support for their fur babies.
Thank you for everything you do Jo, you are well appreciated”

Corinne & Rosie.

“I worked with Jo recently to help my anxious dog Rosie become more sociable, in turn making me more confident to take her out and be the best dog mum I can be! Jo’s advice was so professional and comforting, she genuinely has the best interest of the dog at heart and that shone through in every aspect of us working together. We achieved wonderful results.”

Adrienne & Goldie.

“I have always found Jo very approachable and it is clear her main priority is the health and happiness of the dogs she works with. She focuses on positive reinforcement practices and therefore building a trusting relationship between you and your dog. She has always got answers to questions or challenges along the way. She listened to our goals for Goldie as a family and gave us specific guidance on what to focus on with our training. My biggest recommendation is to get Jo in early when you first bring your puppy home so she can help set you and your puppy up for success.”

Rachel & Kozi.

“Jo and her canine knowledge definitely changed my and my Koolie girl Kozi’s life.
I had reached a point where I felt I couldn’t help Kozi anymore. Being a rescue she had been abused and was so stressed and wetting herself. She wouldn’t come into the house if people were there, she would just hide.
A friend suggested Jo and she was truly the miracle we were looking for. Jo taught me how to LISTEN to Kozi and watch her behaviour. What triggers her and how does she react to situations?
Storms were particularly stressful and Jo introduced the body wraps. When a storm hits, we put the wrap on and she sits on her mat. As Kozi gets older different issues arise and we will have a check-in session with Jo to work with the issue. Kozi now is enjoying the Freework sessions with Jo. Using her brain with all the different scents and layers to play with. I now have a loving and happy girl and this is all thanks to Jo.”

Elly & Lexi.

“Jo has been amazing in helping our newest family member Lexi (10 months) settle in with our two young children. We’ve been working on jumping, people visiting, walking, digging & free time. It’s been a great learning experience for us and we’ve loved having Jo as our expert guide.”

Suzy, Elvis & Rosie.

“Wow, I just can’t say enough how I very highly recommend Jo from Paw&Order as a trainer.
Jo is passionate about the welfare of dogs and helping their caregivers/owners overcome the dogs challenging behaviours in force-free, dog-centred ways. This has been a “game changer” for my dogs and myself. 
Jo is a great observer and educator taking a holistic approach with her service.
My dog’s life and my life is changing in such fun and amazing ways through Jo. A big thank you.”

Kylie Sharman.

“Jo’s training with my 2 Golden Retrievers has been life-changing. When I first met Jo, I felt instantly relieved that her results were achieved in a highly experienced, kind, ethical and patient manner, not by scaring or harmful techniques (unlike other dog trainers who were describing techniques they would be using that did not feel right to me) Jo’s credentials are more extensive and current (years of ongoing training) than any other trainers I found – I was impressed how Jo is regularly approached by clients and other trainers for advice nationally and internationally, she is highly passionate and is the most incredible voice for her animals she works with. Jo makes everything make sense, I felt relieved, equipped, proud and confident moving forward as a dog owner because of the training with Jo.  I will forever be grateful for Jo’s training.”

Eleanor Parsons & Kiwi,

“Jo knows her stuff. As an industry professional and committed dog owner, I have no hesitations in recommending Jo. She understands not only how dogs learn and communicate, but also how to be the translator between Dogs and Humans. Whether you’re addressing a problem behaviour or just want to strengthen the bond between you and your best mate- Jo is your lady! Her pricing structure is also great value and sensible for how much she can add to your relationship with your dog!”

Ashley Good,

“Jo was literally a life-saver and no words can adequately describe how invaluable it was to have her in our corner in the first 6 weeks after bringing our puppy home as a first-time dog owner. First, I had her come over for a pre-puppy consultation which gave me the certainty about crate and pen setup, puppy’s daily routine, toys, basic training and fundamental Dos and don’ts. In the days after she left, I had so many more questions and Jo was right there to answer them. I would text her and she’d respond 1 minute later. I have now found this to be Jo’s standard – she is always available to her clients, and she goes above and beyond every step of the way, providing resources, insights, knowledge and rock-solid reliability. Jo offered to come over on the day we collected the puppy (on a Sunday!) to help him settle in and assure us about what we were doing and how we were handling the puppy. We then had a series of training sessions to learn how to work with our puppy, what to watch for (pre-empting certain behaviours), how to redirect effectively, how to engage and how to disengage after training and essentially, how to understand what our puppy was communicating. Our final session was at a cafe where we worked with the puppy staying on the mat and being calm while we enjoyed a coffee. It was brilliant. Jo is passionate, incredibly generous with her knowledge and resources, always there for her clients and an expert in positive reinforcement training. In my mind, Jo is THE go-to trainer for that first critical period when you bring home your new puppy and both puppy and owners are lucky to hear her.”