Why Does My Dog Pull on the Lead

Well the simple reason is that dogs are faster than us and they get to the end of the lead very quickly, especially if they see their friend up ahead or smell something irresistible.

So when the dog reaches the end of the leash, that leash becomes tight in our hands, and we automatically pull back. The dog feels uncomfortable especially if you use a collar rather than a harness, so the dog tries to run away from that uncomfortable feeling and they pull even more.

So what can you do? Long before you hit the road you need to practice getting Fido’s attention at home. Call Fido’s name, ask him to watch you then when he does, very quickly reward him. Let’s face it, a treat is usually going to work best here.

Practice this without distractions at home then move it very slowly outside. How many times have you said ‘But he does this perfectly at home, I can’t understand why he isn’t doing it now.’

Now that you can reliably get Fido’s attention at home, around the garden, even with the kids running around you can make the move to the outside world. Don’t be upset if he loses his mind at first, just be patient and if necessary take it back inside for a while and try again later.

Why do owners insist on their dogs walking right by their side? Because that’s how it always was, perhaps it gives the person a sense of power over the dog. We all now know that is SO YESTERDAY! The latest trend and the kindest way to walk your dog is to let them sniff.

You would be surprised at how many dogs I meet in my business who have to show how to sniff, so sad. If you take the dog out on a walk just because you think that is the right thing to do and try and squeeze the walk into your busy schedule, then you might as well leave Fido at home. Dogs see the world through their noses, they need to smell the environment. To sniff around the neighbourhood is like a doggy Facebook. If you want to know how a dog would feel when you take him for a walk without allowing him to sniff, imagine visiting a place you have always wanted to go to, but having to wear a blindfold the whole time.

I cringe every time I see a dog pulling his person down the street while he is wearing a collar. The action of the collar tightening on the dog’s neck causes serious damage to your dog’s neck. It causes a reduction in the oxygen that is able to reach your dog’s brain, which causes your dog to panic ‘I can not breathe’ and then the dog tries to escape the thing causing the pain and pulls to get away even more. The strain on the neck from a collar can also cause serious damage to the internal structure of a dog’s throat. Be kind and get your dog a harness. A dog on a harness is less likely to pull and if he does the handler has much more control.

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